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China (Shenzhen) held the first film switch, panel and label technology forum

Sponsored by the China screen printing industry association, and three international co European printing and Manufacturers Association (ESMA) to support the first Chinese (Shenzhen) thin film switch, panel and sign technology forum is scheduled for April 10, 2009, held in Shenzhen International Exhibition center. Meanwhile, the twenty-sixth China international silk screen printing and digital technology exhibition and the seventy-third China International Electronic Exhibition joint exhibition will be held.

The production of membrane switches and panels is widely used in screen printing technology. It is applied in many industries, such as light industry, machinery, electronics, medical treatment, instruments and meters, household appliances, etc.. The forum will focus on the invitation of the thin film switch, panel of industry experts, senior industry manufacturers and distributors, to deliberate on the thin film switch panel industry business opportunities, production management and new value-added services, providing innovative development and upgrading technology exchange platform for China's film industry switch panel.

The theme of the forum covers the production of membrane switches and panels at home and abroad, new technologies, new processes, new materials, new equipment, as well as new trends and opportunities for industry development.

On the main forum: reel to reel in flexible printed circuit technology, the application of UV technology in the thin film switch and panel fabrication, conductive inks and coatings, PET metal removal, precision screen production, film industry classification in film switch and panel production and application, the development trend of China's film making and switch panel industry and market analysis ten to analyze the content of speech.

The forum held for the first time, to promote China's membrane switches, panels and signs industry as a whole has played an important role in technological progress.