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Thin film switch, small size, good sealing performance, strong durability

(1) durability: the switch time of the membrane switch is very long, and the number of can be used can reach millions of times. The reason of long life is that the action of the switch is very simple. Because the membrane switches are relatively simple to construct. The whole is also sealed. Casual, not easily damaged. The main work of the control switch, the use rate is not very frequent, and it is not easy to wear, so the use of time is very long.

(2) good sealing performance: because membrane switch is a whole sealed parts, switch contacts are not affected by the interference of the external environment, so do not worry about the problem of corrosion, not prone to oxidation; also can prevent dust pollution, can be used in various harsh environments.

(3) the volume is small, the quality is relatively light, thin film switch is generally very small, but it also design many keys, so this requires reasonable design of thin film switch, excellent characteristics of membrane switch membrane switch to ensure both beautiful and practical.